Slab Buster comes in 2 and 2.5 Inch Crappie Jigs.         

See below for your color choices.

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Download a flyer for 2" Slab Busters


Download a flyer for 2.5" Slab Busters

Reverse Electric Chicken Black/Chartreuse Slab Buster Black and Electric Silver Slab Buster
SB197 Backward Electric Chicken   SB0303 Black/Chartreuse Silver SB122 Black/El Silver "Black Widow"
  BS0303 2.5" BS122 - 2.5"
Black/Pink Pearl Slab Buster Black/ Charteuse Yellow Pearl Black and Pearl White Slab Buster
SB0364 Black/Pink Pearl SB220 Black/Pearl Chartreuse SB07 Black/Pearl  "Batman"
BS0354 2.5" BS07 2.5"
Blue and Electric Silver Jig White/Yellow White/Chartreuse Slab Buster Jig
SB103  Blue/El Silver - "Blue Ice" SB1905 Bone White/Chartreuse SB1909 White/Chartreuse Silver
BS103 2.5"   BS1909 2.5"
Brown/Orange Slab Buster Jigs Chartreuse Silver Slab Buster Silver Chartreuse
SB2113 Brown/Orange "Trick or Treat" SB33 Chartreuse Silver SB262 Dbl Silver Rainbow/ Chart Silv
BS2113 2.5"   BS262 2.5"
Electric Chicken Slab Buster Electric Silver Slab Buster Jig Gold Finger Jig
SB219 Electric Chicken    SB23 Electric Silver (Silver Bullet) SB007 "Gold Finger"
BS219 2.5" BS23 2.5" BS007 2.5"
Bullfrog Jig Orange/Chartreuse Slab Buster Jig Orange and Electric Silver Slab Buster
SB126 "Mr Bullfrog" SB0809 Orange/Chartreuse Silver SB205 Orange and Electric Silver
  BS0809 2.5" BS205 2.5"
Blue/Chartreuse Slab Buster Blue/White Slab Buster Pearl White Slab Buster Jig
SB181 Blue/Chartreuse Silver SB1716 Pearl Blue/Pearl White SB65  Pearl White
BS181 2.5" BS1716 2.5" BS65 2.5"
SB11 Slab Buster Hot Pink Pearl White Slab Buster Jig Pumpkin and Chartreuse
SB11 Pearl White/Red Flake SB6416 Pink/Pearl White SB8705 Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Silve
  BS6416 2.5" BS8705 2.5"
Purple/Chartreuse Silver Slab Buster Purple/Pearl White Red Speckled Body and Yel Chatreuse Tail
SB177 Purple/Chartreuse Silver SB178 Purple/Pearl White SB 254 "Red Devil"
BS177 2.5"   BS254 2.5"
Red and Silver Chart Red and Pearl White Slab Buster Red and Chartreuse Silver
SB263 "Red Rocket"  SB1816 Red Flake/Pearl "Firecracker" SB1809 Red/Chartreuse Silver
BS263 2.5"    
White and Electric Silver Picture coming soon.
New color: June-bug/Chartreuse
Yellow/Chartreuse Silver
SB198 White and Electric Silver   SB3509 Yellow/Chartreuse Silver